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Kite Race Boom V2 11m

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The Flymaax kitesurf’s kite Boom V2 2020 is a ram-air kite perfect for Racing fans and advanced riders. On water, earth or snow, this racing kite will make you fly over your own limits.

The 11m Boom V2 will take you through a strong breeze either being on your foil, buggy or snowkite. Push further your speeding limits with an easy fly using the 2 lines technology.

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Additional information

Kite size


Wide range


Delivered with kite bar


Bar compatibility

Flymaax kite bar only

Delivered with bag


Light and handy

This kite, very light, swings perfectly in a low wind. Its technology makes it a very stable and handy kite for its category (Race).


They are made out 28 g and 32 g textile with a race technology.


Dedicated to the Race, the Boom delivers constant power at low revs and, with a high depower, knows how to stay pleasant at the helm for maximum pleasure.


The Boom 2019 needs a bit of kite bar adjustment because it doesn’t take wind variations in consideration. This offers a comfortable fly with no effort thanks to the 2 lines technology.