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Ram-Air Kites

Created by professional kiteboarder Maxime Nocher, the Flymaax brand is uncompromising on the quality of its products. When you buy your equipment from us, you are assured to get the best. Discover our range of ram-air kites, high performance and reliable allies to let the wind carry you.

Flymaax Toon

If you mainly practice freeride kitesurfing, these kites will be your most precious assets. The Flymaax Toon kites can of course be used on the water, but they can also be flown on snow and on land.
We are talking about a versatile range of kites available in several sizes:
– Toon 6 meters: ideal for strong breezes. It is perfect in hangtime or in foil.
– Toon 8 meters: reveals its performance in moderate breezes, especially if you practice high jump or kitefoil. It will also carry you in waves.
– Toon 10 meters : recommended for foil, high jump and wave.
– Toon 12 meters : designed to ride in strong wind in kitesurf mode or kitefoil version.
– Toon 15 meters : suitable for kitesurfing and kitefoil in light wind.
Note that all Toon kites go very well with twin tip boards.

The Flymaax Boom range

These wings are more designed for the kite race. In other words, this is the kind of equipment to be preferred if you are already an experienced pilot. With surfaces ranging from 9 to 20 meters, the Flymaax Boom is as reliable on the water as it is for pushing your limits to the extreme on land or snow.
The range is compatible with your foil, your buggy but also with your snowkite. The 2-line technology makes flying easier and good news is that it is integrated into each Boom kite.
The 9 meter version is ideal when the breeze is strong. For medium breezes, opt for an 11-metre kite. Perhaps you prefer strong winds? In that case, we suggest that you equip yourself with a 13-metre kite. On the other hand, the 15-metre version is better for enjoying the pleasures promised by a light wind.
Finally, the 20-metre Boom adapts to light winds as well as low winds, while giving you the possibility to push the speed limits.