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Kitesurf's Bars

Well chosen, a kite bar ensures you have optimal control of the kite. Flymaax offers you a wide selection of models to suit your practice and provide you with an exceptional riding experience. Whether you are a novice or an experienced kitesurfer, you will find the accessory to complete your kite in our range.

Full bars

Practical and functional, a full bar is suitable for both freestyle and racing enthusiasts. Meeting the standards and norms for kiteboarding equipment, it has the benefit of being sold with all the necessary elements for easy assembly on the kite. It is the ideal option to equip yourself for your first steps in kiteboarding. Pre-equipped with several lines ranging from 19 to 27m long, it is easy to attach to your kite.

Our models have up to 5 lines and will allow you to control your kite in all circumstances. To pilot your kitesurf safely, it also has a release system in case of a strong gust of wind.

Bare kitesurfing bars

If you prefer to compose your sail yourself, prefer bare bars. As its name suggests, it does not have a line start. You are therefore free to customize your wing according to your level, your size and your practice. You can choose the number of lines, the setting and safety systems for a pleasant and comfortable flying experience. Thanks to the advice of our team, you will be able to easily choose the accessories compatible with your bar.

Find the right Flymaax kitesurfing bar for you

There are many criteria to choose your kitesurfing bar. Bare or complete, we offer bars of different sizes to guarantee a good grip on your kite. Also consider the number of lines when buying your Flymaax bar. Choose a model with 3 or 4 lines depending on your level to better control and manage the pulling force of your kite. You will find kite bars suitable for both beginners and experienced riders in our product range.

For a better reactivity of the kite, a 5 line bar will allow you to manage the kite with precision. The most powerful models will for example allow experienced kite surfers to perform sensational jumps and figures. Don’t neglect the safety system either. Safety leach, chicken loop, everything is designed to protect you from falls and collisions with other riders.

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