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Kitesurf Equipment

There is no question, kitesurfing is one of the coolest water sports. It guarantees you incredible sensations in spectacular natural landscapes, offers you the opportunity to build up your muscles and have fun in a cool atmosphere. Kitesurfing is all about fun, but before you get started you will need to invest in the right equipment. Flymaax gives you the right tips so you don’t make mistakes.

I’m a novice: what kitesurfing equipment for me?

You have passed the course successfully and you are now wondering about the choice of your own equipment.
You have to start by finding a kite, but not just any kite! It is imperative that it fits your body size, otherwise it will be difficult to handle.
Here are the correspondences to take into account:

– kiteboarder from 50 to 60 kg: 9 m² kite
– kitesurfer from 60 to 65 kg: kite from 9 to 10 m².
– kitesurfer from 65 to 70 kg: kite from 10 to 11 m².
– kitesurfer from 70 to 75 kg: 12 m² kite
– kitesurfer from 75 to 80 kg: 13 m² kite
– kitesurfer from 80 to 90 kg: 14 m² kite
– kitesurfer over 90 kg: 15 m² kite

Wind speed must also be taken into account, but do not worry, we communicate this information on our product descriptions.
It is possible that the bar may not be supplied. So check its compatibility with the kite before confirming your purchase.

As for the board, it must also have dimensions adapted to your size. Here again, we have references to guide you in your purchase:

– kitesurfer from 60 to 65 kg: board from 130 to 138 cm long and 39 to 40 cm wide.
– kitesurfer from 70 to 75 kg: board from 132 to 145 cm long for a width from 40 to 43 cm
– kitesurfer from 80 to 85 kg: board from 130 to 138 cm long for a width from 42 to 45 cm.

I’m experienced: what kiturfing equipment to ride?

The basic equipment remains the same but the options are multiplying to allow you to live new experiences. You can for example try kite foiling to glide a little above the surface. The size of the mast increases according to your level of experience and on the contrary, the surface of the kite gets smaller as you progress.
Want to stay true to kitesurfing? Don’t worry! Trade in your wide board for a narrower version. It will certainly be less stable but you will gain speed and you will be able to handle it as you wish. Accessories such as straps, bags or a woo sensor can also be useful.

Beginner or advanced, you will obviously need a harness. Belt or panties, it’s up to you to see what makes you more comfortable. Also think about a helmet for maximum safety.