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Kite is part of the essential equipment for any kitesurfer, whether he is beginner, progressing or expert of his field. It’s not always easy to found the right range of wind with all the options available to you. Flymaax helps you choose the right wing!


The foil kite shines both in its handling and stability. It is the ally of experienced riders who constantly try to push their limits. Foil kites naturally inflate during use and remain reliable even in small winds (less than 8-10 knots). Nevertheless, it is necessary to master the techniques of taking off in case of a fall,so the importance of having a certain experience.

If you mainly practice freeride kitesurfing, these kites will be your most valuable assets. Usable on the water, of course, the Flymaax Toon kites are also controllable on snow and on land.

Developed for performance, searching for the best results and designed to tame the wind, the new kite Race «Flymaax Boom V2» will suit to the most experimented. The new Boom, which are registered IKA are the kites that will be used for the 2024 Olympics.


Kites sizes refer to their surface when deployed. For beginners, it is better to take a wing large with that is easier to use. You can then reduce the size of your kite as you progress to kite.

Note that the kites are always chosen according to the size of the kitesurfer. A model of 11 m² is recommended for a beginner of 75 kg. Of course, you will also have to take a bar adapted to the wing. At Flymaax, we always specify the compatible bars so that you can build a first choice equipment.

In the same way, we specify the wind speed range adapted to each wing that is proposed to you. See user manual. Technically, the kite is practiced by wind from 10 to 30 knots but according to your level, you are not always obliged to limit yourself to this standard.

Our kitesurfing kites adapt to a wide range of uses: initiation sessions, freestyle, race, etc. If necessary, get advice from our technical team who will guide you to the ideal wing.