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If you mainly practice freeride kitesurfing, these kites will be your most valuable assets. Usable on the water of course, the Flymaax Toon wings can also be piloted on snow and on dry land. We are therefore talking about a versatile range available in several dimensions: Toon 6 meters: ideal in strong breezes. It is perfect in hangtime or in foil. Toon 8 meters: shows its performance in moderate breezes, especially if you practice high jump or kitefoil. It will also carry you in waves. Toon 10 meters: recommended for foiling, high jumps and waves. Tonn 12 meters: designed to ride in sustained wind in kitesurfing mode or in kitefoil version. Toon 15 meters: suitable for kitesurfing and kitefoil in light winds. Note that all Toon kites go very well with twin tip boards.

Aile Freeride Toon 15 m

1 950,00

Aile Freeride Toon 12 m

1 650,00

Aile Freeride Toon 10 m

1 550,00

Aile Freeride Toon 8 m

1 450,00

Aile Freeride Toon 6 m

1 350,00